I’m going to make this a monthly occurrence, hopefully with little disruption. But you never know college is a time consumer. But these are my movie recommendations for the month. I’ll also do TV shows to binge and if y’all like this idea, well do more August picks. Here are my movie recommendations.

The Fundamentals of Caring – Watch it on Netflix

I actually had no intention to watch this simply because I didn’t know of its existence but thankfully my boyfriend, Tyler, heard of it and we watch the Netflix dramedy. I didn’t think I’d like this movie as much as I ended up. The plot is simple, a new caregiver, dealing with his own ghosts starts working with a teen with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. They have much witty banter that borders on crude. Eventually they progress into taking a road trip in which both Ben and Trevor grow up. I don’t want to ruin much which is why the explanation is sparce. But if you have always wanted to hear Selena Gomez say penis, this movie is for you. 

Bring It On – currently on Netflix 

I grew up on this 2000s classic. Kirsten Dunst plays Torrence an ambitious high school cheerleader who wants nothing more but to win the upcoming infamous cheerleading tournament and prove that she has what it takes to be captain. Well her first day on the job, leads to a girl being severely injured too the degree that they must find a replace and quick. In steps, new gymnast transfer student Missy, who is anything but cheerleading material. With this addition they find out they have stolen routines and muse actually find a rhythm and stand on their own as a teen.

Zootopia – currently not on any streaming outlets

Disney is known for its cutesy movies especially if they involve in animals. Which is where Zootopia shines. It has adorable animals in a human city like world. Where predators and prey work in a shade of harmony. This movie though revolves around Judy, a country bunny that is showing the a police department that prey animals can kick ass. Which she does, but her career is threaten when she is assigned to Zooto and the PC gives her a challenge that could end her short career. Find out why there are so many missing mammals, insert fox Nick Wilde, who Judy gets to help her find Mr. Otterton. This is a complicated feat that ends in shock.



Now You See Me – currently not on any stretch outlets

In lew of the sequel(of which I haven’t seen yet), i decided to include this suspense-esque magic movie. This  oviedo uses on 4 magicians that go by the moniker The Four Horsemen(Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco, Woody Harrelson, & Isla Fischer, ). Whose entire goal is to enter a magician like nirvana. But first they must perform different illegal or rightful acts which catches the eyes of a magic know it all(Morgan Freeman) and FBI agent(Mark Ruffalo). Who hunts them over countries and intense bridge car chases, which leads in a matial death.

Hush – currently on Netflix 

My sister, Mina, and I have a sick obsession with B budget horror movies. So when we clicked this movie we expected a low end scary flick what we got was an unexpectantly good movie. A deaf novelist lives in a house in the middle of the woods with the nears neighbor miles away. Which is honestly the ideal situation for a serial killer, which hey just happens to be the woman’s costar. After figuring out the woman is death, the crossbow weilding killer, stalks and puts several attempts on the writers life. Which she narrowly evades, thankfully to her “writer’s brain”. 

Michelle Leigh