All these names are from, check them out, comprehensive list of October births,  I’ve taken the ones from my original list off. There are no dates, Novembers list I’ll be better

Michelle Leigh 


Darcy Hugh and Tom Andrew, brothers of Oscar and Billie (f) (Chris and Rebecca Judd)


Abbie (Vincent Cerutti and Hapsatou Sy)

Amanda Ellen (Tom Gustafsson and Aino–Kaisa Saarinen)

Claudia Alexandra, sister of Jessica (Ali Williams and Casey Green)

Falan Erin (Ryan and Kaylee McDonagh)

Francesca, sister of Giovanni, Gianluca, and Giuliano (Diego Simeone and Carla Pereyra)

Hattie (Coy and Kylie Bowles)

Iris Amélie, sister of Lily (Ryan and Cayt O’Neal)

Isabella, sister of Francesca (Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara)

Joey, sister of Grace (Drew and Jenna Cheetwood)

Julie, sister of Joe (Hanro Smitsman and Sophie van Winden)

Linoï, sister of Myla, Charlene, and Romy (Yohan Cabaye and Laetitia Bernardini)

Lucie (Sep Vanmarcke and Hanne Vanhoe)

Luisa Jasmine, sister of Mila (Gerry Ariotti and Alison Fletcher)

Lynës (Wilfried Moimbé)

Madeleine (Alfred Rambaud and Flore Bonaventura)

Mila (Jakov Fak and Matea Korenic)

Nayla, sister of Jaden (m) (Christian Benteke and Fortune Kongolo)

Nubia Imana Miriam (Fresku and Lieke de Boer)

Pearl Nellie, sister of Freddy (Ben Fordham and Jodie Speers)

Renee, sister of Ellie (Regi Penxten and Elke Vanelderen)

Sofia (Alessandro Matri and Federica Nargi)

Victoria (Nicolas Lombaerts and Caroline Vanderstrigt)

Viktoria Katharina Luise (Kari Noé and Iva Schell)

Vivienne James (Gil McKinney and Kristin Randol)

Willow (Cal Crutchlow and Lucy Heron)

Xenia (Ole Einar Bjorndalen and Darya Domracheva)


Alejandro Thomas, brother of Arhlo (Daniel Ayala and Hannah O’Neill)

Andreas Martinus (André Hazes Jr. and Monique Westenberg)

Benjamin, brother of Danique and Sebastiaan (Filemon and Michaela Wesselink)

Blake Richard, brother of Jada and Jack (Brian Lynch and Kim Clijsters)

Brandon Ray (Mark Laurenz and Bobbi Eden)

Caetano (Hugo Madeira and Ana Rita Clara)

Charlie, brother of Jack (Eric Butorac and Maggie Suydam)

Easton Ace (A.J. Green and Miranda Brooke)

Elijah, brother of Joshua and Milo (Frédéric Mazé and Séverine Ferrer)

Elijah Everett Mandel (Ryan Nece and Willa Ford)

Gabriel (Uini Atonio)

Gabriele, brother of Andrea (m) and Daniele (m) (Simone and Valentina Padoin)

Hemingway Nash (Benjamin and Nila Hollingsworth)

Jackson (Chris Marques and Jaclyn Spencer)

Jayson Jelle, brother of Matteo and Noah (m) (Vinie Dams and Elsie Morais)

Kiy (Evgeniy Levchenko and Victoria Koblenko)

Lawson Keith (Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd)

Lio, brother of Layla (Nico Schulz and Maria Pletz)

Luca (Javi Martínez and Aline Brum)

Mark (Vita Semerenko)

Orin (Hank and Katherine Green)

Tian Camilo (Emanuel Mammana)

Vincenzo George (Alex Di Pasquale and Anna Williamson)

William Alexander (David Mackay and Sarah Endersbee)

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