I’ve combed through websites and used much help from nameberry.com to find the celeb births of November and some from past months. If you know of a birth and I don’t have it on this list. Please feel free to tell us. We’ll have our faves coming soon.

~Michelle Leigh



July 19 – Zion Mandela Daron, born to Marcus Samuelsson and Maya Haile. Zion joins big sister Zoe.


August – Jude Jones, born to Jayma Mays and husband Adam Campbell.

August – Martina, second daughter to Marcos and Eugenia Rojo. Joins sister Morena.

August 2 – James Miller, first child born to Michael Koman and Ellie Kemper.


September – Jrue Tyler, born to Jrue and Lauren Holiday.

September 5 – Marnie, born to Kelvin Fletcher and wife Eliza Marsland.

September 6 – Gouranga Stylus Krätos., born to Jessie Ware and husband Sam Burrows.



October 5- Carter Juandré, second child to Juandré and Monique Kruger. He joins his big sister, Sienna Grace.

October 7 – Léo, first child to Arnaud and Julia Boissieres.

October 31 – Roselyn, second daughter to Martijn and Lisanne Keizer. She has a big sister, Fayenne.



November – Shiloh Silva, second son to Alan Pownal and Gabriella Wilde. Shiloh joins his big brother Sasha Blue.

November – Morris, third child to Dirk and Jessica Nowitzki. He joins big sister Malaika and big brother Max.

November – Jax, born to Shane Long and wife Kayleah Adams. He joins big sisters, Teigan and Erin.

November – Augustin, second son to Maxime Machenaud and Sophie Dexpert. Joins big brother Gaspard.

November 3 – Carter Stone and Cash Steven, born to Robbie E and wife Tara.

November 4 – Essex Reese “Essie” , first daughter to Ashley Herbert and J.P Rosenbaum. She joins big brother Fordham Rhys.

November 4 – Robert Charles “Charlie” , first son to Clay Cook and wife Brooke.

November 5 – Sybil Ann, who will go Sibby. Second child to Lindsay Czarniak and Craig Melvin. She joins big brother Delano who is called Del.

November 7 – Josef, second child to Josef Holzer and Magdalena Neuner. He joins big sister Verena Anna.

November 6 – Mabel, first child to Russell Brand and fiancée Lauren Gallacher.

November 9 – Skylar Lea, was born to Matt and Annie Grevers. Skylar has dog pals Nala and Gretel to keep her company.

November 8 – Paloma Michaela, second child to Caterina Scorsone and husband Rob Giles. She joins big sister Eliza.

November 10 – Dream Renee, first child to Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna. She joins big brother King Cairo.

November 13 – Elizabeth Ah–Sue Sala, was born to boxer Joseph Parker and Laine Tavita.

November 14 – Giovanni Leandro, second child to Leandro and Camila Paredes. He joins big sister Victoria.

November 14 – Auden James Ellis, third child born to Kelsey and Kayte Grammer. He joins big sisters Spencer Karen, Kandace Greer known professionally as Greer, Mason Olivia, and Faith Evangeline Elisa and big brothers Jude Gordon and Kelsey Gabriel Elias.

November 15 – Hunter Zion, first child born to Jurnee Smollett-Bell and Josiah Bell.

November 15 – Willow, born to Ashley Hamilton and girlfriend Renee Karalian.

November 19 – Wilder Grace, first child to Alison Pill and husband Joshua Leonard.

November 21 – Nora Elizabeth, first daughter to Kelsey Nixon and husband Robby Egan. She joins her big brother Oliver. The couple lost their infant son, Leo, last year, a month after his birth.

November 21 – Noor, was born to Albert and Linda Timmer.

November 22 – Lyla James, first child born to Chris and Peyton Lambton.

November 23 – Heinrich Albert Johann Georg. Fourth child to Prince Georg Friedrich and Princess Sophie of Prussia. He joins big brothers, twins Carl Friedrich Franz Alexander, Louis Ferdinand Christian Albrecht, and big sister Emma Marie Charlotte Sophie.

November 23 – Adelaide Rue, adopted by Sara Rue and Kevin Price. She joins big sister, Talulah.2

November 24 – Aspen King, first child to Meghan King Edmonds and husband Jim Edmonds. Joins older sisters, Lauren, Hayley, and Sutton Jayne and older brother Landon James.

November 26 – Arlo, second son to Theo Walcott and Melanie Slade. Arlo joins big brother Finley.

November 28 – Prince Liam Henry Hartmut, second child to Prince Félix and Princess Claire. The newborn joins his big sister Princess Amalia.

November 30- Lila Pascale, second child to Jon Jones and wife Sarah. She joins big brother Hudson.

November 30 – Dimitri Portwood, second child to Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. He joins big sister Wyatt Isabelle.

November 30 – Lily, born to Julian Edelman and Ella Rose.