Luna Gaby and Marley Micha, first daughters to Thomas Smagge and Darcy Lazar. 

Zoe Alaina and Jack Frank, first children to Tim and Rachael Morehouse.

Ada, first child to Uraz Kaygilaroglu and Melis Isiten.

Adalina Clune, first child to Andrew and Denja Weibrecht. 

Aisha, second child to Sonny Bill Williams and Alanda Raffie. Joins sister Imaan.

Alessandra, first child to Daniel Trueba and Natalia Jiménez.

Ameera Reign, first child to Ronnie Banks and Jasmine Villegas.

Aria, second child to José Callejón and Marta Ponsati Romero. Joins big sis, India.

Azzurra, first child to Luca Antonelli and Marta Comparoni. 

Bella–Rose, first child to Jean–Baptiste Bruzulier and Laura Halfpenny.

Brooklyn Rose, second daughter of Randy Orton and Kimberly Kessler. Joins sister Alanna.

Charlie, first daughter to Mitch Robinson and Emma McNeil. Joins brother Chance.  

Charlotte Margaret, second child to Gordon and Robyn Hayward. Joins sister Bernadette. 

Cilou, second daughter to Dries and Sanne Wuytens. Joins big sister Felice.

Claire, second child to Bernard Cops and Virginie Claes. Joins brother Louis.

Ellie, second daughter to Oliver Kaisen and Ludivine Henries. Joins big sis, Lizie.

Evelyn Renee, fourth child to Joe and Dana Flacco. Joins older siblings Stephen, Daniel, and Francis. 

Evie Paris, first child to Kelvin Batey and Maria Fowler.

Flavia Masephi, first child to Julián Porras and Olivia de Borbón.

Francesca Nora “Frankie”, first child to Trey Hardee and Chelsea Johnson.  

Jett Juliana, fourth child to Jaime Luis “Taboo” Gomez and Jaymie Dizon. Joins older siblings Jimmy, Journey, and Joshua.  

Julia, third daughter to Álex de la Iglesia and Carolina Bang. Joins big sisters Rebecca and Claudia.  

Junayra, first daughter to Yasmin Ayoub. Joins big brother Oubayd.

Karlie, first daughter to Peet Marais and Lashe Pretorius.

Konstantina, first child to Kostas Manolas and Niki Prevezanou. 

Lea, first child to Benja Bruijning and Anna Drijver.

Louison, first child to Maxime and Clémence Médard.

Loulou, first daughter to Marc Verschoor & Dominique van Hulst. Joins big brother Jip.

Luna second child to Tony and Sara Azevedo. Joins older sibling Cruz. 

Luna, second daughter to Paul Doran–Jones and Zoe Hardman. Joins older sister Isla.

Maria Laura, first child to Talisca and Anna Paula Ramos.

Melinda, first daughter to Michel Teló and Thaís Fersoza.

Melissa, first daughter to Marek Hamsik and Martina Franova. Joins older brothers Christian and Lucas. 

Mila, first daughter to Samir Boitard and Louise Monot.

Mila Dawn, first child to Luke Jones and Maddie Campbell. 

Minnie, second child to Tomas De Soete and Sitka Schoeters. Joins older brother Lucien.

Nellie Estelle, first child to John Guidetti and Sanna Dahlstrom.

Ophelia, first daughter to Lowell and Erika Bailey.

Payten Rose, first child to Dennis Aogo and Ina Toennes. 

Pip, first child to Pim Ligthart and Noortje Tabak.

Quinn Eliana, third child to Brett and Tiffany Kern. Joins big brother Bryce and sister Anelle.

Renata, third daughter to Martín Fuentes and Jacqueline Bracamontes. Joins big sisters Jaqueline and Carolina.  

Roos, third child to Ron Boszhard and Emilie Rozenga. Joins older siblings Naomi and Niels.

Rosie Ida May, first child to Sam Attwater and Vicky Ogden.

Skye Rose, first daughter to Remy Bonjasky and Renate Goet. Joins big brothers Dean and Cassius.

Skyler Wendy, first child to Oscar Kazan and Bregje van der Leest.

Sloane Kenzington, third child to Alex Smith and Elizabeth Barry. Joins big brothers Hudson and Hayes.

Sofia, first child to Josip Ilicic and Tina Polovina 

Sophia, first child to Kamel Benghazi and Marine Thierry. 

Viola, first child to Lukas Forchhammer and Marie–Louise Schwartz. 

Wiktoria, third child to Przemyslaw and Beata Niemiec. Joins older siblings Oliwier and Mikolaj.  

Zara May, first child to Nathan van Berlo and Jessica Holtham.


Aeden, first son to Jeffrey Bruma. 

Aidan, first son to Blair Stewart. Joins big sister, Amelia.

Alan, first child to Rudy Fernandez and Helen Lindes.

Alexander, first son to Kevin Conboy. 

Alfie, first son to Roy O’Donovan and Ellen Foley.  

Andreas, second child to Nikos Aliagas and Tina Grigoriou. Joins big sis Agathe.

Anton, first son to Michel Noher and Celeste Cid.

Asher John, first child to Adam Thielen and Caitlin Grabowski.

Asher Tyson, first son to  Keith and Claire Sanderson. 

Aurelius-Jaxenos, first child to Guillaume Elmont and Kitty Bravik.

Aziz, first son to Sef and Roxanne Dekker.

Bo, second son to Wim and Marie Oosterlinck. Joins big sister Roos.

Broncs Weston, third child to Josh McKee and Mackenzie Douthit. Joins older siblings Gannon and Jaxie.

Caden Jeffrey, first son to Jeff Carter and Megan Keffer.

Cassius Cruz, first son to Dom Dwyer and Sydney Leroux.

Cedric, second son to Matt Neyers and Kayla Jackson. Joins big brother Preston. 

Claudi Alfred, first son to Vieze Fur and Elza Jo van Reenen.

Cole Jacob, second son to Justin Scott and Kimberley Walsh. Joins brother Bobby. 

Diego, third child to Peter Forsberg and Nicole Nordin. Joins older siblings Lennox and Lily. 

Dixon, second son to Michel and Johanna Morganella. Joins big brother Marlon.

Easton Hayes, first son to Justin Tucker and Amanda Bass.

Eli Benja,  first son to Oscar Aerts and Jessica Sijpkes.

Eli Kendrick, first son to Tony McQuay and Autumn Thomas

Elias, second son to Poutasi Luafutu and Lindy Coria. Joins big brother Ieremia 

Ellía Wouter, first son to Wouter van der Horst and Belle Pérez.

Emile, first child to David Hubert.

Ferran, second child Guy Goedgezelschap and Tess Goossens. Joins big sis Carlotta. 

Gabriel, second son to Kevin Lebreton and Lesley–Ann Poppe. Joins older brother Benjamin. 

Genaï, first son to Regilio Jacobs and Kirsten Kievit.   

Hucksley Andrew, first child to Thayer Widerhorn and Brooke Brinson.

Ilyas, second child to Julian Khol and Nazan Eckes. Joins older sibling Lounis.

Jack, third child to Louis Bertignac. Joins big sisters Lola and Lili.

Jaime, third child to brother Manuel Martos and Amelia Bono. Joins older brothers Jorge and Gonzalo.

James Ascher, first son to, Jennifer Snowden.

Jax, first child to Kjeld Nuis and Jill de Robles.

Jax Joseph, first son to Joey Maes and Marissa Cintron. Joins older sisters Khloe and Molli. 

Jean Etienne, second child to Jeroen van den Berg and Maria Tailor. Joins big sister Amelle.

Jett Reid, second son to John Robert Davis and Victoria Padgett. Joins brother Rylan.

Jim, first son to Jeffrey Schenk and Esther van Zweeden. 

Joaquin, first child to José Rodríguez Martínez and Tamara Llagas.

Josip, second child to Ivan Dodig and Maja Cubela. Joins sibling, Petar.

Kallen Marcus, second son to Morgan Spurlock and Sara Bernstein. Joins brother Laken.

Kasey, second son to Ryan Koningsverdraag and Cilla Niekoop. Joins older bother Quinn.

Kian, first child to Matthieu Dossevi.  

Kross, second son to Ermias “Nipsey Hussle” Asghedom and Lauren London. Joins brother Cameron.

Laurens Boelo, first son to Olaf Koens & Anna Shirokova. Joins older sister, Sophie.

Lennox, first son to Scott Spedding and Storm Bellamy.

Leo Alexander, first son to Billy McKeague and Victoria Azarenka.

Leon Michael, fourth son to Mike Smith and Natasha Lever he joins older brothers. Lennox, Liam, and Louis.

Levi, first child to Pascal Behrenbruch and Sina Zielbauer.

Liam Francis, first son to Brian and Ana Sheridan. Joins sister Livia and Laken.m 

Lord, sixth child to Terius “The-Dream” Nash and Lalonne Martinez. Joins older siblings Heir, Violet, Christian, London, and Navy.

Lucas, first child to Ricardo Neves and Vera Ferreira.

Luke, second son to Adam Shilling and Amy Rodriguez. Joins older brother Ryan.

Mack Fernando, first son to Ricardo “Phreako Rico” McDougal.

Malek, first child to Malek Jaziri.

Malo, first son to Samuel and Helen Étienne.

Marcello, second son to Jean–Claude Atamboto and Nathalie Makoma. Joins brother Giovanni.

Martí, first son to Sergi Darder and Mireya Moreno Martin.

Mateo, third child to Rosauro Varo and Amaia Salamanca. Joins siblings Olivia and Nacho.

Mateo, third child to Marcus Berg and Josefine Ringblom. Joins older siblings Jolie and Leonel. 

Max, first child to Sven Bender and Simone Dettendorfer. 

Misha Robert, first child to Milos Mihajlovic and Brittani Taylor.

Nikita, first child to Evgeni Malkin and Anna Kasterova.

Noé, second son to Romauld Boulanger and Marie–Ange Casalta. He joins brother James.

Olav, first child to Leif Kristian Haugen and Marthe Gausen Nestvold.

Oliver Harvey, first son to Henrik and Abra Rummel.

Otto Monroe, first son to Bryan Volpenhein and Sarah Trowbridge-Volpenhein.

Owen, first child to Josh Gates and Hallie Gnatovich.

Pablo, second son to Javi Varas and María Eugenia Moreno. He joins brother Aitor. 

Pedro, fourth child to Jorge Gabriel and Filipa Gameiro. Joins older siblings Mariana, Madalena, and Duarte 

Pierre, first child Jacques Torres and Hasty Khoei. 

Rocco, first child to Luis Fonsi and Águeda López. He joins sister Mikaela.

Rygen James, second son to Tyler Scofield and Annie Bauerfeld. He joins big brother Bruxley. 

Saif, second son to Ahmed Shafik and Nour Qasem. Joins big brother Abdul.

Samuel, second son to Savannah Mooney. Joins big brother Rowan. 

Sapajou, first son to Jiang Shan and Li Na. Joins older sister Alisa.

Shane Rémy, brother of Sophia (Ramon Leeuwin and Lisa Andela)  

Sierd Bruno, second son to Laura Hogendoorn. Joins older brother Roef. 

Sonny, first child to Matt Kingston and Melanie Vallejo.

Stone Zakomo, first son to Adam Low and Tatia Starkey.

Taimur, first child to Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor.

Theo, first child to Lucas Saatkamp and Beatriz Casagrande.

Ty Cole, seond child to Derek Burgenske and Nicole Joraanstad. He joins big sister Emma.

Valentijn Kasimir, second son to Floris Koch and Leonie ter Braak. He joins brother James.

William, first child to Sébastien and Sandrine Pocognoli.