August and Berlin, twin sons to Till H. Ross and Porsche Thomas).

Elodie and Noah, twin daughters to Mathew Hayman and Kym Shirley. Joins big brother Harper.


Anouk Marie, first daughter to Gil Ofarim and Verena Bock. Joins big brother Leonard.

Aymma-Lyse, second daughter to Alphonse Areola and Marrion Valette. Joins older sisters Ayleen-Grace.

Charlotte, first daughter to Simon Ammann and Yana Yanovskaya. Joins older brother Theodore.

Erika, fourth child to Alex Corretja and Martina Klein. Joins older siblings Aroa, Carla, and Pablo.

Ivy Jane, first child to Harry and Kate Kane.

Juul Bettie, first daughter to Wietze de Jager and Lieke Veld.

Lexi Mae, second daughter to John Webster and Alyssa Bates Webster. She joins oder sister Allie Jane.

Livia Jasmin, first child to Marc de Hond and Remona Fransen.

Lucille, third child to Maxime De Winne and Laurence De Coster. She joins Faust and Jeanne.

Merle Sophie, first daughter to Vivianne Bendermacher.

Michaela Maria, second child to Alides Hidding and Anneman Verberk. Joins older Alides.

Paloma, first daughter to Orlando Jones and Jacqueline Staph.

Poppy Alice, first daughter to Sam and Phoebe Burgess.

Scottie Anne Marie, second daughter to John Ewbank and Kelly Weekers. Scottie joins sister Day.

Tessa, firsy daughter to Alexandre Geniez.

Zita Maria Immaculata Elisabeth Irina, second child to Hereditary Prince Alexander and Hereditary Princess Sarah of Isenburg. Joins sibling Alix Imagina.

Boys :

Álvaro, second child ro Álvaro Negrdo. Joins Aitana.

Bluey Rafe Richard, second child to Sam Branson and Isabella Calthorpe. He joins Eva-Deia. [Full name revealed]

Caben-Albi George, first son to Stephanie Davis.

Finley Jaiden, first son to Jamie and Rebekah Vardy. Joins sisters Sofia, Megan, Taylor, and Ella.

Jax Llewyn, second son to Florian Fisher and Sarah Connor. Joins older siblings Delphine, Summer, and Tyler.

Jim, third son to Klaas-Jan Huntelaar and Maddu Schoolderman. Jim joins brothers Seb and Axel and sister Puck.

Julian Turk, second son to Sarah Lancaster and Matthew Jacobs. He joins big brother Oliver.

Leon, first child to Maarten Vancoillie and Kristien Wollants.

Mack James, first son to Mike Willesee, Jr. and Allison Langdon.

Manuel, first son to Manuel Velasco Coello and Anahi Puente.

Otto, first son to Thomas Vanderveken and Veronique Leysen.

Reuben James, first son to Kieran Read and Bridget Funnell. He joins older sisters Elle and Eden.

Sinan, second child to Prince Rahim Aga Khan and Princess Salwa Aga Khan. He joins older sibling Ifran

Thiago, first son to Raheem Sterling and Paige Milian. He joins big sister Melody.

Zayn, first son to John Kerr and Nadine Ahmed.