Azalea Leslie, fourth child to Joel “The Kid Mero” and Heather Martinez. Joins older brothers Adrian, Amari, and Avery.

Ines, second child to Martin and Helene Fourcade. Ines joins older sibling Manon.

Kiara, first daughter of Sébastien Haller.


Afonso Maria, first son to Pedro Costa Lopes and Joana Teles. Joins older sister Maria Inês.

Bodhi Fox, first child to Andrew Talansky and Kate Fox.

Dominic Michael, first son to Michael Miziner and Rachael Finch. Little brother of Violet.

Eli Mark, first child to Stuart Pilkington and Louise Cliffe.

Marcello, first son to Christophe Alévêque and Serena Reinaldi.

Walter, second child to Ben and Katie Smith. Joins older sister Annabelle.