Ocotber 30 – Racer, second son to Sam Worthington and Lara Bingle. Racer joins Rocket Zot.


March – Lea de Seine, first child to Bradley Cooper and girlfriend Irina Shayk.

March 30 – Jude Daniel, first child to Jaren Johnston and wife Evyn Mustoe.


April – Hayden, first child to Camilla Luddington and Matt Alan.

April- Emily Dale, adopted by Sutton Foster and Ted Griffin. Emily is the couples first child.

April 2 – Bowie Rose, first child to Dane DeHaan and Anna Wood.

April 3 – Alexis Kerry, first child to Josh Altman and wife Heather Bilyeu Altman.

April 4 – Jonelle, fourth child, first daughter to Jimmy and Stacey de Martini. She joins Joseph, James, and Jackson.

April 6 – Batel Lu, born to Jenna Jameson and Lior Bitton. She joins Journey Jett and Jesse Jameson from a previous relationship.

April 7 – Millie June, first daughter to Curtis and Myranda Rempel. Millie joins big brother Ben.

April 7 – River Joe, second son to Jeff Goldblum and wife Emilie Livingston. He joins Charlie Ocean.

April 8 – Jake Stone, second child to Joey Gonzalez and Jonathan Rollo. He joins older sister Francesca Isabella.

April 11 – Sebastian Danger, second child to Kaylee DeFer and Michael Fitzpatrick. He joins Theodore Ignatius.

April 14 – Flynn Maxwell, first son to Patrick Renna and wife Jasmin.

April 23 – Lucille Ruby, first child to Leslie Odom Jr. And wife Nicollette Kloe Robinson.

April 28 – Sienna Princess, first child to Ciara and Russell Wilson. Sienna joins big brother Future Zahir.