Michelle. Mina. Best friends. Figuring out the thing called adulthood..


Welcome to the Confusion that is Dahlias and Magnolias

This blog is run by two college kids navigating through life the best they can and bringing you along for the ride.

Michelle Leigh
Howdy Ho good neighbour. Obviously I’m Michelle, co-founder of this blog, the Dahlias in this relationship. I’m currently 22 and studying biology, pre med, yeah, my crazy self wants to be a doctor. If you guys need to know anything about me it’s that I’m a complete dork. My life evolves around school, my family and friends, my pups, music, movies, TV, and my numerous odd hobbies.

Mina Irem
Hello there, I’m Mina, the other half of this blog, the Magnolias obviously(: I’m a 21 year old student, studying business, pre law. Yep my best friend and I are going hard or going home(; I love fashion and beauty, in fact my makeup drawer is better stocked than a Sephora’s. My family and friends are the most important things to me, followed closing by my pup, Netflix, & reading.

It’s safe to say that with this blog most subjects will be covered. If there is something you want a post about email us at minamichelle95@gmail.com. Hell if you just wanna talk to us feel free to send us a message, we’re here, and love to hear from you 🙂